£50 million worth of taxpayers money funds research Government then ignores

Anyone would be mistaken for thinking that we voted in the Monster Raving Loony party as the UK Government and Screaming Lord Such as the Prime Minister for this latest head-scratching policy.

£50 million was spent on investigating Bovine TB and whether badger population control measures would decrease the disease in cattle. The result? The research found that culling badgers does not decrease cases of TB in cattle, if anything it makes it makes it worse.

So, having invested a significant amount into this research, the Government has decided to completely ignore the research conclusions and cull thousands of badgers. Makes no sense does it. So today my post votes in support of British wildlife and the preservation of  badgers to stop the cull. Join Queen’s guitarist Brian May’s campaign to protect British wildlife – see his web page here.

Also sign the petition against the Government’s decision here.

I know this is relatively a small fry issue, however, the UK Government cannot be allowed to spend a fortune on such research only to ignore the findings. Think what £50 million could achieve elsewhere? I also rather like badgers and believe they are worth protecting.

I am blogging every day for Unicef to help the charity protect vulnerable children. I aim to raise £1 a day through this blog. If you can help please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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