The power of hoop

So why do some of us enjoy exercise? I have spent the last 2 hours prancing round my local village hall like a woman possessed, with several other women and friends looking like complete idiots revolving a hoop round our waists to a routine of Gangaman style. 

It gets better…..most of the women are wearing swimming costumes under their outfits to prevent bruising – yes bruising and not just little bruises – more like the ones you wouldn’t want social services seeing if you get my drift. Us seasoned hoopers no longer bruise because our middles have toughened up but I recall the early days when I was comparing  the sizes of my waist-line bruises with friends at the school bus stop. 

One of my friends half way through the class decided to put on her thick winter coat to act as a barrier (this was partly to prevent bruising and partly because she had a carpet burn on her back from too much ‘you know what’). She is still in the honeymoon phase of her relationship so they are still willing to do it in uncomfortable locations.

But bruises, burns and swimming costumes aside, I love power hoop. It has whittled away at my waist and shown muscles I never knew existed – and that is after 2 children. Why do we like exercise? well for office workers like me, it is not natural to sit on your butt for long hours at a time in front of  a screen, so to have the opportunity to prance around like an idiot for 2 hours solid is my body’s way of getting some therapy. All that seratonin (I think that’s the hormone they refer to when talking about exercise) is good for the soul as well as the body.

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Thanks for reading.


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