Inferiority complex

So today I read the profile of a woman who, from the outset had decided she wanted to be a UN ambassador. Although she was told that would be impossible and a ‘pipe dream’ when she was young, she achieved her dream and over the years has worked for the UN, was UK ambassador in Malaysia during the 04 tsunami and has helped the World Health Organisation reduce world-wide cases of TB. Her next target is to reduce global tobacco dependence through a variety of channels including encouraging farmers to grow other crops.

I reflected on my ambition as a teenager. It wasn’t anything on this scale. I managed to achieve what I set-out to achieve but on reflection it was neither that impressive or important. I wish I had taken a broader outlook on what is possible as a teenager – helping to change the world wasn’t even on my radar. I was way too inward-looking for that. I think more could be done to encourage young people to expand their horizons and know that happiness and self-fulfilment is possible in roles that don’t position fame and wealth as the main objective (unlike all the very popular role-models of Katie Price, Kim Kardashian, actresses and actors and X Factor contestants).

I am blogging every day to help Unicef combat childhood poverty and deprivation. If you can help me raise £1 a day through this blog, please visit my page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.


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