A post about a virus and a friend’s dodgy motorbike

We now have a black cross on our door owing to an attack of ‘hand,foot and mouth’. It sounds awful but actually its just this virus my boy has caught after a manic half-term of day trips and soft play sessions. It was inevitable he would get something as he is still of the age where he defaults to putting EVERYTHING in his mouth – maturity will teach him to at least sniff it first. 

This will probably explain the sleepless nights, which I had put down to “teething again”. But it was obviously the symptoms of the human sounding version of mad cow disease. Nothing can be done though – just avoid everyone until the spots dry up (hence hand, foot and mouth as spots appear in these areas – nice.) So this also means I cannot go to work and will have to attempt 3 days working from home while entertaining baby boy – not easy. Looks like he may well be finishing off the decorating he started a few weeks ago when he took pen to wall and let his creative juices flow.

On a separate note it turns out that you can’t trust motorbike riding schools to sell motorbikes that are fit to ride on roads (according to one firm in Southampton known as ART (assured rider training) My friend bought a bike from them with a new MOT a year ago and he just got the MOT reviewed and it failed on a broken bracket that is pretty crucial in keeping the engine attached to the chassis. He had looked after the bike well with no drops or crashes since he bought it so this must have happened with Assured just after they got the MOT – hence why they sold it. So, if you want to keep motorbike riders safe, the best thing would have been for them to sell it as spares and repair. Well not Assured, they decided to make a quick buck from an unsuspecting novice (my friend). Isn’t that responsible of them? I wonder what happens if the engine detaches itself from the chassis? Probably fatal – don’t be re-assured by Assured Rider Training.The best bit is their strap-line ‘the art of safe riding…for life’ 

I am blogging every day to help raise funds for Unicef. If you are able to help please visit my page on the Unicef website.

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