What a day

Its fabulous because my husband’s cousin has 2 new little sproglets in the shape of 2 gorgeous boys. The picture of them all huddled up in fluffy towels next to their Mum who looked like she had just been given them without any labour effort at all was priceless. They now have 3 boys (an older boy aged 4) to fill their time.

Also enjoyed riding for the first time in several months and taught my daughter to do rising trot for the first time – not easy on a pure thoroughbred ex-racehorse who leaps into the air when he goes from walk to trot. We then enjoyed cleaning tack while my Mum, back from Spain, looked after baby boy.

The day began with a visit to my Canadian/ Mexican/ Polish friend who is, to quote friends, “on a break” from the father of her 2 year old child and is now residing in a beautiful Georgian maisonette. I am not convinced that the need to be “on a break” is good for long-term relationship success but at least they are not giving up completely. Despite this they are having a lovely life living as girls together in the middle of town and I felt a pang of envy at the freedom of just crossing the road to the shops and restaurants. Its also nice to not have to cook every night for the other half and fight for the laptop/ remote control. Bedtime must be a bit rubbish though as a microwaveable bear is no replacement for a nice toasty male to warm your toes on (maybe a bit of spooning too!).

Also today I have just learned that my Honda CBF failed its MOT because it is basically a death trap. Apparently it shouldn’t have passed its last MOT when we bought it off a motorbike school because of a missing bracket that is rather crucial for keeping the engine and chassis together. So I passed my test and have been riding about on a bike that, for the past year, could have at any time dropped its engine on the road. I intend to send a snotty email to the school that sold it to me – they should have known better – aren’t bike riding schools there to ensure riders are safe to ride on highways?

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. £1 a day is my goal – can you help? If so visit my site on Unicef online. 

Thanks for reading.


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