Yuppy invasion arrgghhhhhhh (or rahhhhh)

My local town is being invaded. I took my daughter for a half-term treat to the community cinema to see the latest Tinkerbell flick. My Mum looked after baby boy so we could be girls together munching popcorn and wafting away on pixie dust to fantasy land where babies laughs create fairies and, despite a little bit of peril, life is happily ever after. “How many fairies do you thing my brother has created Mum?”. As I pondered this hypothetical question using the part of my brain that conjures up creative and almost plausible reasons for why the tooth fairy forgot to visit, I noticed a disturbing trend as I scanned the audience……everyone one looked similar.

Long-hair, country or town & country jackets, long brown boots, skinny jeans, sunglasses still on head from driving around on a rare sunny day (and to avoid the onset of wrinkles). Sat next to them were children dressed up in similar clothes from Boden and the like. The occasional designer buggy. The odd ‘yar, yar well I think Topham is by far the best school’. If I checked their pockets they would have been filled with Mulberry purses and keys to Volvo XC90s and Range Rover Sports.

“Probably lots of fairies as he does giggle a lot – just like you used to do” I said in answer to my daughter. Then as I was silently cursing the invasion of yuppy south Londoners in all their image conscious finery, I glanced down and noticed my brown boots over jeggings, flicked back my irritatingly long hair and caught the sunglasses that I had knocked off the top of my head from driving earlier….

Oh shit……

I am one of them (well not quite don’t have the dough or the accent so am maybe even worse…….. a lookalike wannabe).

So I am now desperate to do something to make me look different to them. I know I am different but nethertheless their style has caught like a virus. First I must do something with my hair – I am not dying it because once I go down that road I will never stop (like my Mum who I swear has less hair on the crown of her head because of all the bleaching over the years). In short I want to avoid the Kate bloomin’ Middleton look.

When I am not worrying about my personal image (sad isn’t it?) I am helping to raise money for charities like Unicef. I am aiming to raise £1 a day for unicef through this blog. So if you can help, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.



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