New England style

I can’t say anything that precedes the word ‘style’ without humming the ‘gangaman style’ tune – Heeeey sexy lady’. The reason for today’s post is to recognise an admiration for the New England style of home interiors. My friend has been told by her counsellor (don’t ask) that to try and salvage her relationship with her commitment-phobe farmer boyfriend (long story) she should pick a room in his cavernous 16th century farmhouse for them to ‘do up’ together to encourage him to think about life with her and not his old life with his ex. 

So, we started discussing interior homes styles – a subject neither of us are particularly comfortable with – we would rather discuss the latest results of the Formula One driver championships or the best breed of horse to ride. We are not natural ‘home-makers’ – we’ve kind of been press ganged into it because we are over 30 (and have a fanny which puts us at an instant disadvantage). 

I decided to start the discussion with “what kind of style do you like?”. There was a long pause and a puzzled expression. So I tried to define my style. The first thought that sprang to mind is that the furnishings are just a museum of relatives’ cast-offs and gifts. However there are some consistencies in the interiors of houses we have owned over the years.

The buyers of the first house we sold described it to the agent as feeling ‘like they were on holiday’. The stairs were painted blue (by our predecessors who happened to be lesbians but that is by the by), the walls white and the floor a sandy colour. The kitchen had very bright chequered tiles and the overall feel was ‘beachy’. Our next house we turned purple walls white and introduced gingham curtains. Our current house is white throughout with lots of checks, patterns, gingham etc in blues, reds, whites. The playroom has beach inspired art, sandy coloured laminate floors, lots of wicker and white flowing cotton curtains. I checked all this out on Pinterest and it turns out this is ‘New England’. Now our interior taste has been defined I am tempted to ‘New Englandify’ everything. A bit like my mother when she even stencilled the bin during the stencil craze of the nineties.

I am enjoying my new found interest in home interiors……not sure how long it will last though……

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Thanks for reading.

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