Craving a thrill

I love being a Mum, even the days that are more challenging than others but sometimes I have an overwhelming urge for a thrill. I am not talking about sitting spread-eagled across a washing machine on fast spin, I am talking about speed, wind in your hair and maybe a tiny bit of fear and a little bit of risk-taking. 

As mothers we are deemed irresponsible for taking on anything that hasn’t been thoroughly risk assessed and 100% safe. Sometimes you just want to put two fingers up to responsibility. For me this represents riding on a slightly loopy horse and jumping across the countryside or hopping on a motorbike – it doesn’t  even have to be a particularly fast one.

But it’s going to be a little while until I can do that again (well at least until baby boy is of school age), so will have to let the likes of Robbie Maddison do it for me…

Check out:

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