Working from home with a 1 year old

First, apologies for no post yesterday (another £1 in the Unicef pot). As it was Valentines I thought hubby would appreciate my full attention rather than my occasional grunts as I sit huddled over my laptop. Thank God for good old Marks and Spencers. I quickly abandoned my car in front of the store just before closing, grabbed my baby boy and made my way like an exorcet missile to the ‘dine in for £20’ offer – unfortunately I was the last locust to hit the shelves – it had been ransacked. I’m a vegetarian (well most of the time) so I sifted though all the duck and beef (or horse!) to find goats cheese pastry parcels – yum!

The deal included a starter, main meal, side dish, pudding, bottle of wine and box of chocolates all for £20. All of which was guzzled with gusto.

Back to the subject of working from home with a 1 year old. My advice if you are attempting this feat yourself is to choose one room in the house that you don’t mind getting wrecked. Chuck loads of toys on the floor. Put laptop on a table nearby and let the little one let rip. He was as happy as Larry chucking toys across the room, picking up objects that definitely weren’t toys and testing their robustness by repetitively pounding them on the floor. The more noise the better. Thankfully I didn’t have to make too many phone calls that day. I then got engrossed in one particularly long email and realised my son had been quiet next to me for a while. That usually means one thing – he is doing something that is keeping him occupied for a long time and that usually means it is NOT good. He had found my daughter’s pens and had drawn the most beautiful picture on our wall. I watched him for a while thinking “I really must stop him and salvage what we have left of the white area near the doorway”. But actually he was enjoying himself so much and I had actually achieved a 15 minute stretch of uninterrupted productivity that I just thought “Oh what the hell” and turned back to my computer. On the plus side I thought at least it would incentivise hubby to re-paint the walls as they could do with a re-fresh. The exact opposite happened when he saw it – he just shrugged his shoulders and said “well he may as well do the rest of the room then”.

It gave me an idea of installing a blackboard like frieze around the room for him to let his creativity go wild through the medium of chalk. The only problem with this is that he would more than likely still draw on the walls next to the blackboard. He may also think he can draw on the walls of any house he visits – not good. But at least he was happy and I got some work done!

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you are able to support my campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.



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