Death in Paradise

I opened my mail this morning to read of the BUAV‘s latest campaign to raise awareness of the barbaric treatment of Macaque monkeys in Mauritius. Regardless of your views on vivisection, killing monkeys even before they get to the research labs because they are simply ‘too heavy’ for research purposes and dumping them in a bin full of other dead macaques (yes the campaign mailing featured pictures of this) is no way to treat native wildlife. 
The BUAV is one charity that has had great success at lobbying and I was keen to help support them through contacting the Mauritian Government copying in our secretary of state. I hope they listen to the email (see below). Wikipedia comes in very handy for lobbying too
“To the Prime Minister of Mauritius,
I have had the misfortune of reading news from the BUAV that your country is capturing wild Macaque monkeys and breeding from them for medical research exports to the UK and other countries. According to video footage obtained by the BUAV, the breeding programme kills monkeys that don’t conform to the medical research criteria – for things as trivial as being too heavy. Pictures show bins full of slaughtered Macaques. 
Is this the way you want the international community to see how you treat your wildlife? Will sights of bins full of dead Macaques make people think twice about visiting Mauritius? Please read the following Wikipedia site for more info on your breeding labs:
I look forward to visiting Mauritius but only once this barbaric treatment of your native animals has ceased completely.

 I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can support my campaign £1 would be fab to help me reach my goal – £1 a day is my aim. Please visit my page on the Unicef site for more info.

Thanks for reading.


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