Primal scream therapy on a sunday


Well, that’s slightly better. 

This is the list in my head today:

Weather is shit, kid won’t sleep, hubby knackered and frustrated all at the same time, other kid has a zillion and one things to do for school, dresses to sort out, wigs to sort out, a bow and arrow, medieval fayre food, talent contest to compete in, rehearsals, dogs need walking and today just need to get out of the f*****in house even if it does mean battling with wind and rain while getting children in and out of buggies and cars just to meander aimlessly round lifeless, soulless retail parks to window shop kitchens, tiles, gadgets and then end up buying 2 junior pillows, a towel and a birthday card.

But what really gets my goat is all the shit you read in the papers. While I am busy stressing in my little bubble, war is rampaging in countries that really don’t need any more hindrances to economic stability and development; in the UK cutbacks are causing social issues with consequences that will last for decades and all we are doing is ignoring the issues like we are driving past road-kill – with a glimmer of empathy but not much action…oh and we are also apparently and unwittingly eating horse-meat.

Government and industry need to work together to make the Big Society happen so that we can actually do something for causes in the UK and even abroad. Western society should start switching from consumerism and asset acquisition to taking enjoyment from helping out with the community and making a difference. And finally, lets just hold off on the processed beef products until the food industry can actually work out whether the meat originated from Daisy or Ned. Also – why the fuck are we slaughtering horses in the UK for human consumption anyway? Its bad enough they do it in France. 

That’s my rant over and I’m still frustrated but feeling slightly better from having hammered it out on the keyboard.

I am blogging every day for Unicef to help them protect children around the world. £1 a day from a happy reader would be good and that is what I am aiming for. If you can help please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading. 


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