Who let the dogs out?

The only positive thing about today’s experience is that it has provided some blogging material.

Today was sunny, rare in February, so the world and his wife and me were out walking the dogs. Where I live you don’t walk you squelch from one boggy area to the next as the land is made of clay. So I decided to take a walking excursion to sandier soils after dropping my daughter off at theatre school.

This used to be an old haunt of mine when we lived in the area so I knew it relatively well. I hadn’t known it could get as busy as it did this morning. My dogs and I were greeting (or growling) at one dog after another as we walked along the sandy path of the forest. Up ahead I noticed 2 other Jack Russells (I forgot to add mine are Jacks too). As we got closer it appeared they were much larger Jack Russells. The 2 female owners were either lesbians or women trying to look like lesbians. I thought it was going to be a pleasant encounter where we would perhaps exchange notes on the joys of JR ownership. A few growls started and things seemd to get tetchy (between the dogs not the owners) so i thought it best that we continued forward and before I knew it my dog Maggie was under attack from the 2 other JRs – one was hanging on to her lower legs while the other had her neck in its mouth biting into her like a bit of steak……

I had my baby boy on my back so it wasn’t easy to launch in and rescue my dog but I had no choice and pretty soon my boy was crying. At one pont I couldn’t tell who was crying more my dog or my boy. I have never seen my dog in so much distress. The dog on her back legs let go and decided to pick a half-hearted fight with my other JR (the daughter of Maggie) “Dolly” meanwhile had Maggie in a vice and was biting further into her neck. At this point one of the women with very short hair was physically wedging her finger into the jaw of “Dolly” to get her to release her grip while the other female owner started to hit her on her side in an effort to release her. Maggie started whimpering in agony and panting in distress and her expression was one I never wish to witness on a dog’s face again – a horrible mixture of agony, pain and fear. “Dolly” finally released Maggie and I quickly bent down to pick her up and there was blood everywhere.

Did the women apologise……no.

Later I got to the vets as she had puncture wounds all around her shoulders and neck. When I arrived my boy desperately needed his nappy changing, I needed a wee and something strong to drink. The vet nurse was fab and produced a tea with lots of sugar. The vet clipped her hair away to look at the wounds that looked even more bloody. As he started to swab them with iodine I started to get very light-headed and made my excuses to sit down promptly and sip more of that tea before I passed out. I felt very pathetic and I don’t remember being like this before, but the sight of so much blood combined with an empty stomach was not a good combo.

So with a lot of meds and some well earned treats she has come out the other side and just looks like an advert for the RSPCA now.

I think Maggie will think twice from now on about growling at another dog….I’m just wary of JRs owned by lesbians….or women who look like lesbians.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. if you are able to support my campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.

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