The news every mother dreads

A four month old relative of mine has just been diagnosed with a neurological condition that, at best, will delay his developmental milestones. At worst it could be severe brain damage. The poor little mite is undergoing several tests under general anasthetic to establish the extent of his condition.

It is very difficult to stay positive in situations like this when you feel that you are at the precipice overlooking a bottomless pit with no idea of how long till you hit the bottom. That is the worst thing, not knowing.

I have visions of my nephew in years to come standing on an Olympic podium as a record breaking paralympian, or simply leading a very happy life surrounded by family and friends. Regardless of the outcome we will do all we can so that his life is the best that it can be.

I am blogging every day to help Unicef protect vulnerable children around the world. Children, like my nephew, but in third world or war torn countries who do not have access to health services and support. One day I hope my blog will raise £1 a day for Unicef courtesy of a happy reader or blogger – when that day comes I will be in blogging utopia…Til then I am just going to keep on writing.

Thanks for reading.


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