Fighting against complacency

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I got carried away with the Zumba and Powerhoop girls and what started out as one drink post class ended up as more. Got a little bit tipsy and had to go straight to bed. The last time I went to the pub for a drink was about 6 months ago so its not like I can’t stay away from the place.

So another £1 in the pot for Unicef……

Charities are vitally important and it was great to hear today that David Beckham is donating his salary to a children’s charity. Yes he is loaded but there are plenty of other people with as much if not more money than him who wouldn’t dream of such a donation.

If everyone helped a cause by giving a certain percentage of their income, would there be  less problems to solve of famine, disease, abuse, deprivation? 

Comic relief publicity is picking up pace and so starts the celebrity pilgrimages to Africa. As much as it is sometimes hard to stomach appeals from celebs who have ££££ in the bank balance and are enjoying the PR off the back of the campaign, it is necessary to maintain public interest in problems in this country and abroad.

Every day we have to battle against a natural inclination to be complacent when faced with the daily grind over taking action against injustice or wrong-doing. Whoever you are it takes courage to go against the grain and take action to help someone, a cause, a community or a campaign. Well done David Beckham!

I am blogging every day to help Unicef’s campaign and aim to raise £1 per blog post from fellow bloggers and readers. If you like the idea and want to join in, please visit my page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.

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