Party girl

Morning dawns heralding the sound of my over-excited daughter chattering to her Daddy at 6am about the presents she is about to unwrap now that its her 7th birthday. Inconveniently, her birthday is on a schoolday this year so have to factor in pressie opening when getting ready for school. Like most men, my hubby does not have the capacity for glossing over the fact that it is 6am, the fire has gone out and he has to try and re-light it, make his packed lunch and take the dogs out plus sign a birthday card. So, despite my reminders the previous night with a big hint in leaving the card on the kitchen table with a gap for Daddy to insert  his name…..he forgot. Thank God for the female to fill in the gaps…..or do the men fill in the gaps. Think I will leave that debate for another post.

My daughter takes her Build a Bear Workshop Bear on the school bus with a warning from me that if she takes it in the playground and loses one of the bear’s trainers (which cost £5) then they will not be replaced. I turn up later to collect her and her 2 friends from the school’s ‘film club’ with a boxed treat of Krispy Kremes which are consumed at lightning speed. Once home, the girls get busy putting embellishments on their clothing/ pencil cases; tucking into far too many E numbers; having a go at a street dance DVD and watching a Barbie film.

My little chap had a busy day too causing havoc round the house, watching Mum make a prat of herself in Zumba class and checking out the local supermarket from the comfort of the trolley like Maggie out of the Simpsons.

My Dad’s return from the States and a cruise of the Carribbean heralded much excitement unwrapping pressies bought across the pond. A Furby, Monster High Doll, pair of Levis and Airwalks = 🙂

My daughter received lots of girly, glitzy cards but perhaps the best one was a photo of her and her friend Sam taken while on a day trip to London. Friendships at 7 are just as important as later in life.

Happy birthday to all you 28th of Januaryers out there.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to support the campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.


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