January in Brighton

The sun was out and glistening on the sea of Brighton as we headed down to the coastal town for my daughter’s birthday treat. It felt so good to see the sun and the sea glistening as if it was July rather than January. It gave us all a much needed boost of Vitamin E on our pasty complexions.

We had our first experience of the Build a Bear Workshop (our main reason for venturing to Brighton) for my daughter’s birthday. There were so many bear ‘skins’ for my daughter to choose from she was temporarily indecisive but in the end settled for the white flashing bear (not indecent exposure I hasten to add but flashing multicoloured lights). Then we joined the queue for the bear to be ‘stuffed’. As it was her birthday the girl at the workshop asked her to squeeze the bear’s heart (chosen by my daughter from a selection of fabric organs) seven times for her age and then it was promptly inserted into the bear and sewn up. Then came the very serious task of dressing and accessorizing ‘Snowy’. A very cool pair of bear sized Skechers trainers dictated the rest of the rather cool outfit, complete with knickers and socks and the very apt accessory of a snowboard. Although we had received a gift voucher from a friend the final total still made my husband gulp as we came to the end of ‘build a bear’ journey. I removed myself from the raised eyebrows at the till scenario by taking pictures of my daughter with Snowy bear and her school mascot (a hippo called ‘Ron’ who we had been looking after all weekend).

We then checked out the American Diner on Brighton seafront, which was packed with retro 50’s/ 60’s and 70’s American paraphernalia from signed pics of screen idols like Al Pacino to life-sized wax models of ‘Chips’. I resisted the pancakes and knickerbocker glorys only because I physically couldn’t fit it in. (The previous day I had bought a pair of trousers reduced from £75 to £10 and thought that AW12 on the ticket meant size 12 when actually 12 was the year, AW the fashion season and they were in fact Europnean size 34 which is a UK 6). So my tip to resist over-eating in American restaurants is to wear something round your waist that is 1 or 2 sizes smaller than you would wear normally – not quite cutting off your blood supply but close!

If you are planning to visit Brighton then check out JBs American Diner and if you are a kid (or an adult) visit Build a Bear Brighton.

Hope your January is getting brighter wherever you are too.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. I am aiming to raise £1 a day for each blog post. If you can support my endeavours visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading.


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