Aid the needy not the frugal

I do support the Government’s move to means test blanket benefits. For example, when I ran a pre-school, I couldn’t understand why every family was entitled to 15 hours of free nursery sessions a week after the child turned 3 regardless of their financial situation. When I was trying to mend the school’s finances with the treasurer, the nursery wasn’t even breaking even and the school was plunging further and further into debt. We took the decision to increase the fees to cover costs. This wasn’t a difficult decision as the school hadn’t had an increase in over 6 years and other nurseries in the area were also increasing their fees in line with market conditions.

So who were the first to complain about the increase in cost? The mothers who drove the Range Rovers and wore designer outfits. If they could afford to keep a 4×4 vehicle on the road then they could afford to pay the cost of childcare. The 15 hours free entitlement should only be there for children who are in need of a pre-school environment prior to entry into mainstream education. Children whose parents would not normally send them to a nursery or childcare setting prior to starting primary school. 

I believe the same should apply the NHS – it should be means tested. If your income is above a certain level then you pay for private healthcare and alleviate the burden on the NHS. It irritates me when I hear of people, who have more than enough money to afford private healthcare, complain about the wait for an appointment on the NHS. If you don’t like the wait then pay to be seen quicker and give the slot that you would have taken to someone else who doesn’t have the private option. 

Hence the title of the blog. There is a difference between people who need  state support and those who use it because they are saving money or being frugal.

I am blogging every day for Unicef to help vulnerable children around the world. I am aiming to raise £1 per blog post so if you can support the campaign, please visit my page on the Unicef website.

Thanks for reading. 


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