Indulging in some daydreaming

You have got to be happy with your lot. Sometimes we all need a little bit of reminding. I love my life the only thing I don’t like is the uncertain future. My biggest fear is that something fucked up might happen to fuck it all up.

Most people in the west look at the Joneses and wish for the bigger house/ car/ private school bill or dick. Reality in places like the Philippines shows woman working 70 hour weeks in the UK to raise enough money to send to their children back in their native country with the prospect of only seeing their children twice a year. They would be happy to live on the roughest council estate in the country to be with their children all year round.

So sometimes it is nice to halt questions of ‘if only’ with indulgence in some dreams. I have discovered pinterest – a wonderful site that enables you to select images of the very best of anything you are into or would like to be into. Fancy refreshing your kitchen? Upgrading your car? Planning a wedding? Anything that makes life enjoyable or the plans for your future life can be hunted down on this site and put on your own page for an ‘at a glance’ look at all that you love in life.

I strongly recommend this site to brighten up your grey and icy January day (the weather if you are in the UK).

I am bloggig every day to help Unicef improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world. If you can spare £1 for this blog that would be fab. To make the donation, visit my site on the Unicef page.

Thanks for reading.

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