My fabulous loo

I am very excited to report that my loo is now sporting a brand new addition…..a framed portrait of the loo it has been twinned with in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was my birthday present from my husband (my idea) and I was chuffed to bits to receive the certificate all framed and ready to display in my loo. The donation I paid for the twinning helps fund toilets in the developing world so that people can improve their local community’s sanitation and hygiene. A loo stops the spread of dangerous diseases and screens vulnerable women who are often at risk from rape when they have to crouch (sounds awful but true). If you fancy twinning your loo visit this site.

On a completely separate note, our quest continues for an affordable annual family holiday. We want to upgrade our tent to something more comfortable and toyed with the idea of doing up a campervan but the only issue is: a) they cost a lot to buy – even older ones and b) we are both rubbish at diy of any sort. We considered trailer tents but not convinced of how much of an improvement they are over standard tents and they are also pricey.

So dare we venture into the world much hated by Jeremy Clarkson and become a caravan owner? Well we already have the Skoda estate so some would argue we are half way there…. The only thing is they are all lumps of white plastic with interior fabric that looks like it has been puked on several times? Why can’t they design funky versions? 

Anyway the jury is still out on that one. We are lucky to have the option to get away in the first place so can’t complain.

I am boooored of the snow. Heating is finally working again (well sort of) but keeps cutting out for no reason. Feel like I’m running a fever with the constant hot/cold/hot/cold. Mother sends very helpful daily reports to my work email of the temperature in Spain (grimace).  Today she described a drive she is going to do that winds through orchards with the trees in full blossom. Apparently there are ‘hectors and hectors’ all along the route. I instantly imagined a lot of overweight men called Hector standing on the side of the road every few miles….then I realised she meant Hectares….aw bless (yes I am being very condescending but tis funny……is that how you spell condescending?)

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you can support the campaign and donate £1 for this blog, please visit my page on the unicef site.

Thanks for reading.


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