World Book night – have just signed up!

Well I was listening to BBC Radio Two…… (rather reluctantly as I feel I am going through the grey area of listener demographic in that I am too old to be the ideal target audience for Radio One but feel too young to be joining my parents and their generation in bopping away to Bowie) ….. and I caught the tail end of an interview talking about World Book Night and that volunteers are given some free books (not to read themselves) to distribute to people who don’t read or who just need the right book to get them into reading. 

As an avid bookworm (My dad will testify to the nights he spent knocking on my bedroom door when I was a child to tell me to “turn that torch off, I know you are still reading, GO TO SLEEP!… husband will also testify to the nights he spent nudging my side to ‘turn the bloody light off woman and stop reading that book I need some sleep’)……..I love the idea of helping others enjoy reading. If I get selected to be a volunteer, I am going to the Big Issue sellers in my local towns first (there are a few local towns near me) and give them a copy – I am not entirely sure that they all have English as their first language but nethertheless it will help them to develop their language skills. They may flog it of course but at least I have given them the opportunity. 

I am also going to hand a few copies to my husband to disseminate among his lumberjack mates who are all far too hairy and red-blooded to pick up a book and read some ‘pansy story’ so my first choice is the Number One Ladies Detective Agency which they may initially sniff at but its worth a try – I couldn’t quite stomach Andy McNabb – maybe I should give it a go as it is not normally a genre I read.

If you fancy volunteering for World Book Night (the big hand out of books takes place on April 23) you need to register your interest by this Friday (25) follow this link for more info.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. I am seeking £1 a day to reach my goal. To donate please go to my page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.


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