Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999

de de duh de de duhhh (wow) de de duh de de duhhh

(typing duh’s for the intro to the Prince song)

This is my last blog for the week as I am off for a weekend break to celebrate my birthday and the birthday, during the following week, of my daughter. She is very jealous that my birthday comes before hers – I spose Mums have to come first some time. We are going on a center parcs break courtesy of my mum and I am looking forward to a horse-ride, western style, during our stay. Western saddles are the best they are like huge armchairs on top of the horse. 

I am delighted to report that my husband has ‘twinned’ our toilet for my birthday, Our toilet is now twinned with one in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This will help improve sanitation and hygiene in the area and give privacy to female members of the local population. If you fancy twinning your loo with one in India or Africa visit the toilet twin website.

For my birthday post, I have drawn inspiration from a diary entry I wrote as a teen on my birthday…..oh how young, naive etc I was…..

Wednesday 20 January 1999

19 today! Mum and Dad gave me £600!. Went to Uni found out I got 70% for an essay. Went out for a drink down the Hogshead with Katherine and co. Got really pissed and hired a spanish flamenco outfit and wore it round the city. Walked home. Boyfriend wasn’t there and I had forgotten they key so fell asleep in the doorway with a champagne bottle in my hand! Boyfriend arrived and gave me a chocolate birthday cake. He then took me out to the Artillery Tower Restaurant on The Hoe. He bought me a Mariah Carey album and Virgin vouchers.

Oh to be 19 again….

I am blogging every day for Unicef. I will pay a daily fee for my down-time over my birthday. In the meantime, if you are able to donate a £1 to Unicef for this blog that would be fab just visit my page on the Unicef website. Not to worry if not x

Thanks for reading.


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