Consultants are ?????

I was about to put that consultants are c*****.after comparing notes with a friend on consultants who had a) cheated on their wives (and might as well have laughed while doing it for the little respect they had for their partner – or should I say partners) b) treated their patients with the most condescending patronising manner imaginable to women double their age. Just recounting their despicable behaviour made me want to grab them by the short and curlies and squeeze very slowly and excruciatingly until they re-discovered their little choir boy voice they last heard when at ££££ per term boarding school exam factory that spawns these idiots with grades but little else.

However I did encounter a consultant who went against the grain of these obnoxious specimens. I think this might be partly because he was in paediatrics – you can’t fool kids as they can see straight through the crap and haven’t been round in British society long enough to recognise the superiority complex. He was also a cardiologist – enough said. He had the most gentle manner, treated me like an educated adult and helped to calm my baby boy during his scan by singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ without a care in the world for how he may be perceived. It was very refreshing to encounter such a nice consultant.

Yet my friend had the misfortune to bag a baddun’ and after all the lies, deceit, affairs and shitty behaviour, it appears she has forgiven him. I won’t judge her because I am not in her predicament so cannot say how I would react (I would take a wild guess that he would at least be minus one ball). My friend chose to target the other woman (you know scrub the inside of the loo with her toothbrush, that kind of thing). This, I think, is the story of this particular consultant’s life – women have forgiven his misdemeanours throughout life so he believes he is invincible. My friend’s forgiveness will I’m sure just make his behaviour and infidelity worse in the long run. But, they fix people so they are God’s gift aren’t they………………..?

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