Allo Aloe….

Woke up this morning with a pounding headache. I only had one glass of wine to drink last night but on an empty stomach it is the equivalent of a bottle (hence why I didn’t blog last night so am blogging this morning instead).

The occasion for the party was a company my friend has bought a franchise in – Forever Aloe Products. The evening was a display of their latest products. I like my friend a lot but couldn’t stand the sales woman who seemed to give off the impression that everything she sold was a cure all for everything – including some crass links to cancer “Unfortunately I lost 2 of my close relatives to cancer and it is such a shame that I didn’t have these products then as I would have been able to help them”. To use that line in general sales patter was poor taste in my opinion.

I had a lovely day yesterday enjoying being a Mum but today is back to work today when I return to the state of a headless chicken dashing around the countryside like a mad woman.

It is nice to get out though as I live in the back and beyond and a lot of the villagers are nice but some are crap (a few up their own arses sorts – the type that are happy to tell you all about their life but never enquire about yours – particularly if you live in a local authority area). Yes the class system is still alive and kicking in good old blighty.

Not that I can talk though, when coming out of my neighbour’s house after feeing their cat I caught sight of Wayne, Waynetta and little baby Wayne walking their 2 staffies and crossed to the other side – mainly because Im not overly fond of staffies but partly because Im not mad keen on Wayne and Waynetta types either. I should have stopped and said hello and asked how the baby is getting on – but I didn’t so I feel like a total bitch now.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you can donate a £1 for the blog that would be great, if not, maybe next time. Thanks for reading.


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