Project bottom reduction commences

I had the misfortune today of catching site of my bottom in the bedroom mirror. Has Christmas had this effect or has it always been this way? It looked bloody awful. Last year I managed to reduce my overall size significantly but one area that has proved particularly stubborn is my derriere. So, I am adding to my project list another attempt to reduce its size. The source of my problem rests with my hips. To my horror, I can actually grab the flesh on my hips and lift it like a skirt, which has the much pleasing effect of lifting my whole butt into a much more streamlined shape. The minute I let ‘the hip skirt’ go the ‘old saddlebags’ return…gahhhh!!!

I thought about running but I just can’t keep it up. Swimming keeps cellulite at bay but has no impact on butt size. Spinning is apparently a good exercise for that area but I don’t want to have to pay for a gym class on top of my Zumba and power hoop expenditure. So, I am thinking of researching some dance dvds with the idea that Beyoncee is defying her genetic make-up by having a tight ass so booty shaking to a beat may be a step in the right direction.

So, after a slap-up meal tonight at Jami’s Italian, my butt reduction campaign (or BR) commences tomorrow.

My butt is 89 Cm in width – I will add updates to my measurements throughout this blog to see if my efforts are working in a effort to keep me motivated (I hope). If I succeed then I will have identified the successful formula to help fellow ladies with ‘does my bum look big in this?’ issues feel a whole lot better.

My friend’s butt is so tight she can squeeze into a child’s car seat – I am not intending to reduce it by that much but I will give it a damn good try.

This blog is all about raising money for Unicef every day. If you can contribute please visit my page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.


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