What we should expect from 2013

I promised a review of 2012 for yeterday’s last blog post of the year. Got back late from a christmas supper so it didn’t happen my apologies. So now my last blog post of the year is being swapped from yesterday to today.

When I started to think about the highlights of 2012 – for most Brits it has to be the Olympics in London. We had the honour of seeling the Paralympians in action in September, taking our seats in the awe inspiring stadiumto watch people defy the odds and achieve. It was awesome for me and my family to watch and a fantastic life experience for my children (even though my baby boy was only about 8 months old. That for me is the highlight of my year.

London was, and is a fabulous place to be and the Olympics brought everything that is good about the city together into one brilliant vibe. The lady who runs my son’s nursery is spening christmas day at homeless charity Crisis, who turn several floors of an office block into a giant restaurant for homeless people to have some respite from the cold and a well earned christmas lunch with all the trimmings. She has done this for several years and says the atmosphere is really upbeat. The homeless visitors are just like you and me (professionals, doctirs, lawyers, graduates, skilled personnel) who have just hit on hard times through one too many late mortgage payments or marriage break-up – in short an occurrence in life that could happen to anyone. Crisis don’t just give the homeless a slap-up meal, there is also a hairdressers and a job centre as well as advisors and counsellors on-hand to help them off the streets. If I didn’t have young dependants I would gladly help out too because it must be so wonderful to see people who normally find life tough during the whole year to see them finally enjoying themselves – Christmas is for everyone and how lovely to share that with them.

I also hope that in 2013 we find a solution to better distribution of wealth, food, medicine and human rights. I was shocked to hear of 50 somalli refugees – of which most were women and children – who drowned after their boat capsized trying to escape the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. One of the children was as young as 4 years old. I am lucky, as a wetsren parent, that I don’t have to choose between bringing my children up in a refugee camp or risking their lives to escape. The discrepancy is unbearable and it shouldn’t exist in 2013.

I am blogging every day for Unicef – if you can help the campaign please visit my fundraising site.

Thanks for reading, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year x


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