The vulnerable Brave

I have been inspired today by the brave acts of those who tried to protect the school children in Connecticut using their bodies to take the blows. I watched a father talk about how wonderful his daughter was just days after her death at the school and admired his bravery to get in front of the cameras so that he could share his grief and communicate the message that something needs to be done about guns.

In watching a review of the London Olympics, the story of Martine Wright who survived the July bombings in London and went on to perform in the Paralympics is incredible. When she recovered from the explosion on the tube a police officer found her with both legs blown apart and she saved her life. I find it humbling to observe such strength of character. Martine managed to piece her life together and strive to achieve new goals by embracing what had happened to her and doing something good with it.

The Connecticut shootings highlight how vulnerable we are regardless of where we live and what laws are in place to protect us. I cannot comprehend the unbearable pain the families must be enduring. Too much senseless violence occurs world-wide and children are too often the innocent victims. Some have more protection than others. You would expect a school in the US to have more protection than children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, purely because we presume the US is a less volatile area and it is a Western Society where, sadly, a greater value is placed on Western lives than in a developing world – harsh but true.

That’s why it is important that we do what we can to protect the next generation worldwide. We observe those who are in the bottomless depth of sorrow with sadness and sympathy…..and relief we are not there with them – but we are  standing on the precipice of this sorrow as vulnerable as the next person to falling in. Politics is where changes can make a difference but charities such as Unicef are vital to fill the gap between the current reality and the political ideal that can only be realised through changes in policy.

That is why I am blogging every day for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.



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