Poor Pick-ups

I am not talking about chat-up lines. Over the years my husband has driven various pick-ups for his work some better than others. Last year he upgraded his Ford Ranger to a newer version with less mileage – he wished he hadn’t. A year later and £1500 lighter the bloody thing is still faulty and struggles to tow with grunt.

So at the prospect of another bill, he is contemplating chucking in the towel in the pursuit of a less pansy pick-up – he wants a workhorse that tows a lot of weight and can get his lorry out of trouble every time it gets stuck in the mud.

The contenders:

Land Rover 90 or 110 – have never dabbled in LR before but feel like giving it a whirl

Toyota Hilux – the choice of the taliban, my husband used to have one of these in the early noughties and it was brilliant

Isuzu Rodeo – un-tested in this area – is it up to the job?

Mitsubishi Shogun swb – had an ancient lwb version when we were students and called it the clubbing bus

Any other ideas? Your views welcome…

Either way we are going to have to spend more ££££ (a common trend in our household when it comes to vehicles) we have changed cars more times than Bruce Forsyth has changed wives.

So, if you know of a vehicle that does the following let me know:

– tows heavy weights with plenty of grunt
– good off-road
– Comfortable
– has a double/ crew cab option (more than 2 seats)
– is reliable providing its regularly serviced
– can do big miles without being a drama queen
— doesnt look too much  l ike a dick extension

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Thanks for reading.




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