Is there such a thing as a cheap family holiday?

I’ve yet to find it. Around this time of year people start to think about escaping the shitty weather. For families on a budget, like us, that won’t happen until the summer, when prices go through the roof as soon as the kids break up from school.

Travelling abroad is a no no because of the cost of flying. So, that rules out plane journeys and please don’t be one of those annoying people that say “oh but its cheap with Easyjet”. I am still trying to find the ‘cheap flight’ with easyjet  – every date that I search for comes back with £££££. So, the only option is by boat, train or car. This year we spent over £500 just crossing the channel via ferry so won’t make that mistake again – we will try Eurostar. We would like something slightly more luxurious than a tent. Motorhomes are out because they are too expensive and require a lot of maintenance and fuel costs are through the roof. Dare we consider caravans?

But we can’t bring ourselves to spend good money on a ‘swift’ or a ‘challenger’ when they look so goddamn fuddy duddy. When looking at pictures its so difficult to  differentiate between a caravan made in the 90s and one 2 years ago – nothing has changed. The lay-out is the same using the same naff fabric for the curtains and the upholstery. We scoured the market and every brand we looked at left us completely uninspired. I am sure there are more young families like us who fancy having a go at caravanning but would like something with a bit more street cred. The shiny american streamliners look good but they weigh tonnes and cost thousands. There is definitely a market for a young person’s caravan – the person who fills this gap in the market will do well. Its a bit like when Apple started selling PCs in alternative colours to grey. White appliance manufacturers created a new range of colours for ‘white goods’. The same needs to happen for caravans – I’m thinking exterior colours other than white (black/navy/red) and interiors that are a bit more funky….you’d make a killing. Sod it I think I will do it myself – but where shall I get the funds to start me off? Dragon’s den here I come….

I am blogging every day for Unicef. Please help the campaign by donating via my site on Unicef. I am aiming to raise £1 a day from fellow bloggers round the world – in the meantime I will keep blogging regardless.

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