Can you imagine denying a baby milk for 2 days?

Well my poor sister-in-law is having to do that this week. My nephew has a growth on his intestine that became apparent not long after he was born when the clamp dropped off his belly button but a growth remained. Over time this growth got bigger and after several visits for second and third opinions, first with GPs and then with specialists, they concluded that an operation was required.

My nephew is only 2 and a half months old and the idea of putting someone so young under general anasthetic is frightening – even more so for my sister-in-law. Thankfully though, after 2 hours,  the operation was over (the growth removed and his intestine stitched back together again) and he is now on a packed ward being fed by a drip with lots of very ill children around him too. My SIL is sleeping on a camp bed beside him, only popping back home to see her 18 month old daughter. I can’t imagine how exhausting, scary and all-consuming her life must be at the moment. So too are the lives of the mothers and fathers of all those poorly children on the same ward as my nephew.

As we near Christmas, we are all hoping that those children are well enough to be at home and have some respite from their illnesses. Their parents will be hoping Santa brings them good health but I bet the children themselves still want the must-have toy – providing they are well enough to play with it on Christmas Day.

They are hoping my nephew will be out of the hospital by the end of the week.

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Thanks for reading.


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