November is the new December

I feel like I am late to a party this week. I was taking pictures of a nativity play, finalising stocking fillers, hearing about other friends nativity plays, turning up to my daughter’s friend’s house to find christmas lights all round the windows……and its still November?

I think comedian Michael Mcintyre is right when he says that women start thinking about Christmas as soon as the last sparkler fizzles out on the 5th November. Attending the nativity play yesterday was the worst ‘I’m not quite there yet but why is everyone else?’ feeling. Its almost like I have time travelled from July into a Christmas scene and everyone else is feeling christmassy but not me – am I the only one who doesn’t start thinking about christmas until at least the 20 something of December?

Okay I’ve bought the presents for the kids because its less to think about nearer the time (particularly as we are going away this Christmas) but everything else can wait until December surely? For those who are privately educated in Britain, nativity season is in November as the term ends next week (its right that the more you pay the less they are at school). I think its a bit sad though because it doesnt feel christmassy. My daughter’s nativity isn’t until the 20th December – by then decorations are everywhere, turkeys are on delivery and people are thoroughly in the festive mood (or if not they shortly will be once on holiday) but doing a nativity in November just doesn’t feel right.

I am in a quandary as to what to do with decorations this year. We will be spending Christmas away from home so it is pointless buying a tree for our house BUT we need to make the place we are staying in christmassy – but how do you define christmassy? I will ponder on that one for a while and maybe talk about again in DECEMBER!

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Thanks for reading.


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