This week I will be mostly having a go at…

Underwater hockey courtesy of the ‘Octopush’ association. Has anyone heard of it? Apparently we have a Team GB (although since the Olympics there seems to be a ‘Team GB’ for everything including tractor pulling and maybe even tea drinking).

It looks like a combination of water polo and ice hockey. The hockey sticks are very very short – more like the length of Captain Hook’s Hook. They use pucks like in ice hockey that spin along the surface of the pool and special gloves are worn to protect you from shaving your skin off every time you push the puck along the abrasive bottom of the pool.

I am always game to give anything a try once (amazingly that has yet to have got me into any trouble, with the exception of shacking up with my husband). Kids can do it too and my soon to  be 7 year old daughter wants to have a go. The matches last about 20 minutes and you wear snorkel equipment so that you don’t have to attempt to hold your breath for the entirety of the match. It’s quite a workout too, as you obviously work against the resistance of the water all the time. I can’t see it catching on as a spectator sport….unless you have one of those pools they have in zoos so that visitors can watch penguins and dolphins swim underwater. Assuming this was arranged it would be pointless if the crowd were singing songs of support and whooping and hollering. So they would probably resort to sign language – come to think of it there are quite a few ‘signs’ used in football, particularly directed towards the referee.

My nearest partipating pool is about a 30 minute drive away so I may not get round to having a go this side of Christmas, but as soon as I do, you guys will be the first to know.

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Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading.

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