Teething problems

I am so tired. Baby boy is approaching his 1st birthday and his teeth are making one final push to produce a full set. This time its a molar and we are all experiencing the pain. Once again I am not sure how much sleep any of us got last night but pretty sure we didn’t get anywhere near REM.

We overslept (apart ffrom Hubby who is always up at stupid o clock). It was one of those moments when you wake up and are momentarily oblivious to how long you have slept, what time it is and where the hell you are in the routine of the week. One glance of the clock pushed the panic button “7.30!” So much to do in 30 minutes I didn’t know where to start. Amazingly we made it out of the door and daughter managed to make it on the bus. Then I was stuck in the traffic jam from hell with 3 factors all working against the flow of the traffic simultaneously: utility works, road closure because of a christmas market and a road closure because of an accident.

What I find surprising is the lengths people will go to in order to avoid a traffic jam. In the space of 2 minutes I saw 2 cars go the wrong way up a one way street to avoid traffic. One twat even attempted to go round a blind corner, flanked by walls either side the wrong way. He would have been welcomed by police the other end who were blocking the road – I bet they had a field day.

This set the one for the rest of the day – it never really got going. Things wre being added to my to do list faster than I could get things done. However I was happy to settle for the fact that, given my lack of sleep, I managed to get out of the door in the morning and hold normal conversations with adults witout cocking up. I will consider that my achievement for the day!

I hope all sleep deprived parents had a similarly successful day….

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Thanks for reading.


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