Powerless and Furious

Last night I was furious – such a brilliant adjective to describe anger at a deeper level. I was wtaching the news (never a good idea) and it just seemed to be one catastrophe after the other. What made me angry was watching people who have the power to make a difference responding, in my view entirely inappropriately.

First, the Gaza conflict. I am I in the minority for believing that the Palestinians need help and support? What Hamas is doing is wrong but Israel’s response is Barbaric, particularly when you look at their actions in the past. From where I am sitting Palestinians are opressed by their Israeli neighbours and an independent body needs to step in and ensure Palestinians are receiving the rights they deserve and ensure Hamas cease the rocket attacks. If Netanyahu continues this course of action then he will no doubt be the subject of a war crimes tribunal. There is talk that he is in danger of losing international sympathy – in my view that has already happenend. Why is it then, that Barack Obama appears to be supporting Israeli action? I used to like him but now I think he is a twat – If he carries on making these public shows of support, he is in danger of losing international credibility.

Second, the Church of England is looking into whether woman should be allowed to become Bishops. At this headline I just had to check the calendar to see if I hadn’t unwittingly stepped into a Delorean. Why the fuck aren’t they allowed already? Then the BBC manage to find a woman who is willing to state, on camera, something along the lines of “I believe woman have a role in society but that men should always play the lead role both in the home and in the church”. This woman was in her forties….. if that. So you can imagine I was swearing at the TV with steam coming out of my ears…..Lord knows what Germaine Greer was doing….

So I went to bed feeling fucked off and furious (wasn’t brave enough to put that in the title) and powerless. I think I would rather not watch the news from now on a be in blissful ignorance. In the meantime I have emailed William Hague in the vain hope that other people think along the same lines as me about Gaza and that the pressure of public opinion might stimulate those in power to take action.

I am blogging for Unicef every day to help children worldwide, if you are able to support the campaign please visit my site on the Unicef fundraising site.

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Powerless and Furious

  1. I have to disagree with you regarding the situation in the Middle East. Let me explain. Firstly, the Palestinians have been sending rockets into Israel for years. People who live in the South of Israel in particular have lived with rockets being fired into their towns to the point where it is ‘normal’ for them. An alarm goes off and they have a limited time to get to a shelter. People should not have to live this way. A government needs to protect its people. In addtion to that, the Palestinians have been offered peace treaties over the years (2000 and 2007) and rejected them. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2008. What has it gotten them? They are under constant attack. In fact, Hamas’ official policy calls for the destruction of Israel. Imagine having a neighbor who is committed to your destruction. I am sure there are plenty who live in Gaza who would be happy to have normal lives and only want what most of us want. However, the leadership (and has done its utmost to poison its population with said propoganda) will never be satisfied until Israel is wiped off the map.

    1. Hi thanks for your view. My view has been formed from observing commentary in the British media. The BBC and Channel Four recently ran programmes (a drama based on real-life accounts and a documentary from the view of a Palestinian) showing how oppressed the Palestinian are by their Israeli neighbours. In one example a girl who had shrapnel embedded into her skull from the ’08 conflict was taken by her grandmother to the border to see a surgeon. The treatment they received at the border was shocking – the girl, who was only eight, had to wait hours before they let her through – she had been suffering headaches and nosebleeds because of the shrapnel. When they finally got through to a meeting with the surgeon he appeared disinterested with their case at best, at worst he didnt even want to help them. The Grandmother cried in desperation that nothing was going to be done and that she might well lose her granddaughter. Other voliations of human rights were evident in the programme – you got the overall impression that the Palestinans are imprisoned. In a separate BBC drama, the programme highlighted the plight of the arabs in the second world war when the brits pulled out of Israel at the end of the war. The jews fled into the city and drove the arabs out of their homes, shooting women, children in order to claim the land they believed was theirs.
      If you compare the conflict along the Gaza strip with the sectarian division in Northern Ireland, the IRA’s terrorist actions did not represent the wishes of a large majority of the Irish people. I think this is the same with Hamas – but maybe Palestinians look to Hamas as their only option to free themselves from the oppression they suffer. I agree it is wrong that Hamas are firing rockets but, like the British media, I believe that the Israeli military actions are vastly disproportionate. For example, on the news in 2008 we saw the charred remains of an infant that had been first burnt and then rolled over by an Israeli tank. Maybe our views are directly linked to the bias in US and UK media?

      1. I still disagree with you. It is hard to argue dispoportinate. If you are being attacked, you defend. Anyway, there are some other things that I hope you will think about.
        Firstly, why is the Arab going to Israel for care? Clearly, they know the care is better and they expect to be treated. Is Israel so horrible if they are treating the ‘enemy.’ if the shoe was on the other foot, I have no doubt that the Israeli would not be treated.
        Secondly, when Israel was granted independence by the UN, the surrounding Arab nations attacked. Arabs within Israel were encouraged to leave by their fellow Arabs. They were told once Israel was destroyed they would return home. These people remain refugees.
        Thirdly, the Arabs in Israel proper have more rights than Arabs in their own homeland. As a whole, they are are happier and freer in Israel.
        I have read about and experienced Israel which forms my opinion. I highly encourage you to go beyond your current sources and consider both sides.
        Again, I am certain that there are people in Gaza who suffer because of the situation and who are decent people. For their sake (amongst many others), I hope peace comes to the region.

      2. Thanks for sending the link, but I have no intention of viewing it. As I am sure you can tell based on my replies, I feel very strongly about the topic. Anyway, I am sure you can find plenty of links, videos, etc. to back up what I have been writing.

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