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A message from fellow blogger and biker has inspired me to go all retro with my replacement mobile phone. He drew my attention to the 20th anniversary of the mobile phone – see  ( This makes me (and a lot of you guys no doubt) feel a tad old. My first ever phone was a Philips Fizz. It weighed a tonne but I thought I was ultra cool as I literally lugged it around – it was bigger than most of the landline phones we use today


I have now called off the search for my Blackberry. It soldiered on ringing whenever it was called but no-one was nearby to hear its call. Tesco have now replaced my sim card and the one that sits in my abandoned Blackberry is now blocked. I have been using my husband’s smart phone until I get a replacement. It is a bitch to use. It does things I dont want it to do. People have often remarked on how small my hands are, but they must be as big as sausages if my texting is anything to go by. My husband’s hands are huge – they are like shovels. But somehow he manages to deftly navigate through the menu and churn out texts with the lightest of touches. Its not just his make of phone, I have a similar problem with my work phone. I am a complete granny when it comes to new tech.

In losing my phone I am pissed off I have lost my images too. The wallpaper of my phone is a gorgeous pic of my children and I have lost that particular image forever. So, I am going to get a phone that JUST calls people and sends text messages in an easy to use way. I don’t want a whizz bang camera because If I want to guarantee me images I’d rather use my camera which is more easily backed up on my computer. I dont want twitter or facebook or any other social media shite. I don’t need emails or the internet or WAP crap. I just want long battery life, a loud ring so that I can hear it at the pit of my bag and big buttons for my cumbersome small fingers. A little bit of resilience wouldn’t go amiss either as I am very clumsy and have lost count of how many phones I have dropped.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly received. To my Blackberry RIP – I look forward to meeting you again in another life when we are both cats.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you can spare a quid today – check out my site.

Thanks for reading.


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