What next?

If there is someone up there he or she is having quite a chuckle at my complete inability to keep things on my person. Last week it was the wallet, which turned out to be much ado about nothing in the end – cancelled a card and all the time the wallet was sat in a bag in our corridor.

Had a manic day at work today, went to pick baby boy up from nursery, I was burdened like a pack horse with bags and baby on my way to the car and then my phone rings. The ring was coming from somewhere on my body and I managed to locate it but reaching it was a different matter. It was as complicated to reach my phone as it was for that guy in the last scene of Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels to get hold of ‘those bloody guns’. I managed to whip it out of my bag pocket with one hand while holding my baby in the other and talk while pinning the mobile under my chin. It was just my husband all confused about the date of the parents evening. Once he was off the phone I arrived at my car, it was almost dusk and I had so much to carry I didnt know what to put down first. The priority was to get baby in the  car but I was still clutching my mobile so I tossed it on the roof of the car while I put him in his seat. Even as I did this I thought “I must remember to pick it up when I’m done” but of course that left my head quicker than it entered as I slammed the door and quickly hurried into the drivers seat. Realisation didn’t dawn on me until I was 15 minutes down the road . BUGGER!

I turned round and returned to work but to no avail the bloody thing was lost.

I think the problem is my head is fit to burst and I am always several paces ahead of myself – I am not following the buddhist mentality of only focusing purely on the task at hand.

Earlier I was in the pit that is the IT department’s network room trying to get some large files emailed through to a contractor. The smell of all the machines whirring away reminded me of my childhood when Mum used to take me into work over the weekend to make sure the system was running OK (she was an IT manager). I glanced up at a Garfield cartoon (funnily enough my Mum’s old computer room used to have similar cartoons on the wall – must be something to do with the IT lot). At the beginning Garfield asks his owner how his day was “Arrrghhh”, he replies, “Why do you do this to yourself” says Garfield. That pretty much sums up my day. Much better to be a cat whose only ambition is to guzzle lasagne.

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Thanks for reading.

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