I blame it on lack of sleep..

After ranting yesterday about my wallet going walkabout, what did I find this afternoon….Yes you guessed it. In a hoovering frenzy, I bent down to pick up my daughter’s PE kit and there it was sitting on top. What the fuck was it doing there?

After school pick-up I feel I need a pack horse to transport the amount of luggage I accumlate from the car to the house. Friday was particularly bad because it was half-term (hence the PE bag) plus I had the usual baby bag and a load of shopping. I just didn’t have enough hands. So, I decided in my wisdom to consolidate everything – hence my wallet ending up in the PE kit. As I was doing this I was thinking at the time “I must remember that I have put this stuff in the PE bag”.

A night of next to no sleep put paid to any hope of remembering anything apart from my name on Saturday. I must have walked past her bright pink PE bag a dozen times while I frantically searched everywhere for the wallet and then got busy cancelling a card that was sat in my corridor inches away. GRRRR how frustrating. Its gonna take 5 – 7 days for my replacement card to come through at a time when I really need it for half term. At least days out will be restricted to a budget as I will have no other means of payment except cash.

I also wasted at least 10 minutes of my life getting a librarian to issue new cards – double GRRRRR. Is it possible to get alzheimers in your thirties. If not maybe I will be the youngest sufferer ever.

It really is worrying how lack of sleep can affect your brain’s ability to process simple tasks. Not long after I had my first child, I was sat in my car at a roundabout for what seemed like half an hour trying to recollect the rules on who gives way to who. I could actually feel my brain trying to find the right card in the neurological equivalent of a rolodex. It was having trouble locating the card marked ‘passed driving test 1997’ – it felt like hold music should be playing – either that or the engaged tone. All of this delayed thinking was interrupted by a car horn behind me. To which I flicked the international sign for go fuck yourself and decided to wait even longer just to piss him off. Its not the ‘baby on board’ sign that should be put on display in a car, it should be ‘Caution: sleep deprived mum behind the wheel, back the fuck off’.

Anyway I am delighted to be reunited with the my wallet even though it hadn’t travelled far. It felt like I had lost a limb, I felt temporarily disorientated when I couldnt find it. We all do the ‘keys, wallet, phone’ check when we leave the house and it is very difficult to leave the house minus one of these items (particularly your keys…duh). It knocked me out of kilter for the rest of the day ( particularly as I had lost my brain too).

I am looking forward to a time when your phone, keys and wallet will be replaced by, say, one of your fingers and that all you will need to pay for an item/ unlock a car/ call someone is your fingerprint. I think that was in a film – although I can’t remember which one? (surprise, surprise).

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Thanks for reading.



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