She’s a perfect 10 – but she wears a 12

…baby keep a little 2 for me (Beautiful South lyrics, in case you are too young or too old to remember!). The theme for today’s post after a week of chocolate guzzling followed by starve and swim (I could create a new fad diet) is… body image.

Earlier while enjoying an M&S ‘dine in for £10’ meal (slightly more upmarket than a Mcdonalds Happy Meal – it really is great value though main meal, side dish, dessert and bottle of wine for a tenner) my husband commented on the new shape of Christina Aguilera. “You remember Christina used to be rifle thin”, “Yeeees…” (I reply with what might be detected as excitement at the thought that a well-known celeb may be…..big dramatic pause followed by drum roll…FAT!) “Well she’s huuuge now” (he said while making the same gesticulations he uses when describing a very large and old tree trunk – he is a tree surgeon hence the above average regularity of discussions about tree trunks in our house). He brought up some crap story where a journo with nothing better to do had listed a before and after shot of Christina (The journo isnt that stupid as I couldn’t resist the temptation to scroll down and measure the accuracy of my husband’s decription). See The Sun story.

I have to say she looked stunning. I said “She’s not fat she’s curvy in a very Marilyn Monroe-esque kind of way”. At which point my husband detects that he may be stepping on to dodgy territory and quickly backpedalled fast, “Yes she’s curvy, just right…that’s what all women should be like……dont know what they’re going on about.” At which point I did a Marge Simpson impression “Hmmmmm” while staring at him. He then (rather cleverly) changed the subject by saying, “Do you think I am getting fat?” (My husband is the kind of guy that has to hunt for fat to pinch – yet eats chocolate and crisps almost every time he pulls into a garage for fuel – NOT FAIR.)

Back to body image, Lady Ga Ga recently made a stand against comments on her weight by posing semi-naked at all angles so people could judge for themselves (See Sun story …yes The Sun again!) Its sad that celebrity women feel the need to do this – damned if your thin and damned if your fat. The same is true walking along the street – women are their own worse critics. I would just like to say that this is getting fucking boring. If you are technically obese then yeah you may want to cut back on food for a while. If you get short of breath getting to the top of your stairs, then you might need to work out a little, but other than that JUST LET IT DROP…. ……. …. But in reality….

It is not possible for me to get up in the morning without checking my reflection (mainly my butt) to see if it has ‘grown’ a little overnight. How sad is that?

I am blogging every day for Unicef – check out my fundraising site for more details.

Thanks for reading.


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