I stopped at Ten

Yes I cracked and munched and munched until I got to ten and then my willpower eventually kicked in. Time of the month is approaching. Skin ain’t good, feel crap about my body and I find myself returning to Paul Walker’s website to drool and find out what films are coming up.

I stopped following him on Twitter a year ago, when I discovered that he had got a bunch of admin staff to do his tweets for him. He has obviously realised the error of his ways as @RealPaulWalker has tweets straight from the horse’s mouth along with re-tweets from Twitter accounts with beautiful profiles (surprise surprise). I am excited that another Fast and Furious film (6) is in the making. I am also a bit miffed I found out so late in the day – filming in London, of all places, finished last month. So hopefully it will be in cinemas by next Spring.

There is a good clip behind the scenes of F & F which is a bit of a giggle – http://www.mobli.com/tyrese/14800837/pray-for-there-was-a-shooting-on-the-set-of-fast6

Expect more car porn, boob porn and boy porn – I hope its good but can they really pull it off again for the 6th time??

Short one today because I am a tad knackered. I also had a swim earlier to repent my chocolate guzzling behaviour and it felt good. Also makes me feel a bit sleepy in a kind of post coital way.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. As ever, check out my site if you can spare a penny.

Thanks for your time.


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