Shameless Shoplifting

We don’t look like the Shameless family you see on Channel Four. We are probably a couple of notches above them on the Great British social ladder. However, I have to confess to some shameless shoplifting today.

I was in the delightful Waitrose (the supermarket of choice for the Duchess of Cambridge who has been spotted exiting Waitrose). I am no princess and it is rare for me to set foot in Waitrose. The only reason is because I need biodegradable nappies and Waitrose are the only supermarket in our area that stocks them. My preferred supermarket, Tescos, do not stock them and have recently ceased online sales too. Why?

Most supermarkets encourage you to use your own bags or purchase a ‘bag for life’ hessian thingymijig’ to ‘save the planet’. If, God forbid, you forget your re-usable bags you have to request plastic ones and the cashier usually makes you feel very guilty about this. So its OK to use, on average, 5 ‘pampers’ or ‘huggies’ nappies per day each taking 100 years to bio-degrade thus clogging up the landfill sites significantly but its not OK to use, on average, 5 plastic carrier bags every week, that take much less time to degrade? Every child that uses a disposable nappy until they are potty trained generates (roughly) 3650 nappies – how many children are in the UK? Therefore how many nappies need to be buried in landfill? – you do the maths. So Tescos, Co-op, Asda, Morrisons, Boots, Superdrug – if you are serious about the environment then START STOCKING BIODEGRADABLE NAPPIES!!!! Pampers and Huggies – please spend less time coming up with pretty pictures and union jack flags on your nappies and more time looking into getting rid of all the plastics that take so bloody long to degrade – its not difficult is it?

Sainsburys have come up with their own brand of biodegradeable nappy and I recommend as well as Naty nappies.

Now I have climbed down from my soapbox and I have explained why I was in Waitrose, I will finish the story. I put a few more items into the basket (fruit, couple of ingredients for supper, trick or treat sweets, kids biscuits and a couple of toiletries). When I got to the till it came to £50 – for 2 shopping bags!! I sighed and reluctantly handed over my card. My bank were even more reluctant to pay the bill and after the 2nd DECLINED slip spewed out of the till the cashier recommended that I go to the bank and check I had enough money in the account (how very kind of him to offer me advice). He also asked if I had another card but I am not in the habit of using credit cards so that was not an option. Yes was extremely embarrassed and felt the whole of the shop staring at me (maybe they weren’t but it felt like that). An assistant took my bags away and said that she would keep them for me until I returned at which point I just wanted to get out of that bloody shop and fast. I glanced down at my baby boy who was completely oblivious to the shenanigans. As I was leaving, I noticed that he was chewing on the baby shampoo bottle that I gave him earlier to keep him amused but forgot to put it on the conveyor belt. Now, here’s the shameless bit. For a nanosecond I thought of turning around and returning it, but I thought Fuck it! I felt a little bit guilty about it (but also a little bit good). What a bad mother to encourage her 10 month old son to shoplift.

On another note, My husband has just come back from a village meeting to discuss a neighbourhood plan so that local residents have a say in the location and planning of future housing. Will talk about that in my next post.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. To support my campaign, please visist the Unicef fundraising website.


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