The price of fish

The price of fish has always been high. The price of food generally, now that’s a different matter. Since when did it become so expensive to eat? We are a family of four. We aren’t greedy, I weigh about 9 stone, my husband 11. My daughter is a beanpole. My son, well he is quite a chubby cheeked 11 month old and likes his food but he is only a baby so barely counts. Yet I seem to be forking out more and more for our fortnightly shop (well more like 10 days, I cant seem to make it stretch to 14).

I have tried all the supermarkets, well apart from Aldi, Lidl and Iceland (not because I’m a snob but because the nearest shop is miles away and you can’t shop online). Asda is the cheapest but only just, closely followed by Tescos. Sainsburys tends to be about £20 more expensive than Tescos. Ocado, £30  more expensive. Waitrose even more expensive and M&S….well don’t even go there. Ive used Ocado once but only when they had an offer reducing the bill by £20 for new customers. I was impressed with the service though. I got a text message to confirm the delivery time, together with the name of the driver, the reg plate of the delivery van and even the name of the van, “Onion”. It was by far the best website to order from. It asked you a few simple questions about your family to get started (how many adults, children, babies and pets) and then used this info to provide a selection of items that you may need. It was spot on except for 6 items. I was a bit miffed that our shopping habits were that predictable.

My friend who nannys for a number of wealthy families continues to be astonished by the amount they spend on groceries. From £250 a week (yes – a week!) to £2000 a month (for those M&S families). What she can’t understand is why they waste so much food. One of her families chucks things out as soon as it is past the sell by date. Its great because we get some of their cast-offs. Perfectly good vegetables and meat. Its shocking that there is so much food wastage when people are starving in other parts of the world.

The cost of food is becoming a problem for many low income families. This is the reason why food banks are now experiencing a much higher demand. Its shocking to think that so many families in the UK can only just about afford to feed their children and the adults go without, hence the need for food banks.

It is wrong that some wealthy families are spending too much and wasting food while other families struggle. Anyone would think we are back in the Victorian times again….

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you can spare a £1 for reading this blog, please donate it to Unicef on my fundraising page.

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