Her Majesty’s Fraudsters and Customs

My hubby is a little bit stressed at the moment. Usual work stress combined with other hassles such as his employee nearly chopping off his thumb with a chainsaw along with the constant problems with machinery etc (and of course the weather). Farmers and anyone else working outside for long periods of time do not tend to enjoy this time of year as much.

I came in from work, noticed his car was in the drive and the dogs were in the house, but he didn’t appear to be around – it was like the Marie Celeste. After sorting out a snack for my daughter, I made my way to the stairs to change baby’s nappy and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw him lying (almost playing dead) on the sofa in the dark. I nudged him to check he was still alive and got a grunt of acknowledgment. He was knackered. Exarcebated by the fact that his tummy was playing up, which, I’m sure , is stress related.

So today he didnt have such a busy schedule, therefore I advised him to try and take it easy and maybe pay a visit to the Docs to get his tummy checked out. Its been causing problems for the past 2 weeks now so cant be blamed on a bug. Am I the only one that defaults to the worst case scenario of cancer every time there are symptoms that go on for a while? I hope not…. otherwise I clearly have issues.

Anyway today was very stressful thanks to the HMFC. The evil version of the HMRC. A message was left on our phone from a scottish lass, “I’m calling from HMRC to speak to the owner of xxxx (she then went on to read out his tax ref number)”. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but I smelt a rat and, to be honest, I wouldn’t have returned the call. My husband decided to call them to check. Not only did they have his tax ref number, they also had his old accountant’s details and other information about his tax return. My husband was convinced they were bona fide. “Our records show that you owe HMRC £2700 for a discrepancy in 2010/11 tax year”. At which point hubby presses the panic button and gets on the blower to his accountant who is equally mystified. Hubby then calls the PAYE department on a separate matter and mentions the call he has received. They look into his account and say that there is no record of that outstanding amount. The lady suggests he call the number back – why would that prove anything?

I suggest he googles the number (good old google) and it takes us to this “check the source of the telephone number” website with loads of comments from people typing in cap letters DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, THIS IS A SCAM. As you scroll down, there are also other comments from people saying – “yes this is a correct number, it is the HMRC debt recovery agency”. These must be comments from the fraudsters in an effort to retain the credibility of the number. What wankers! Has anyone actually paid these fraudsters?? Hubby reported this number to the HMRC and they confirmed it was fraudulent. My concern is this – how the hell did these fuckers get hold of the tax info in the first place???

0845 302 1424 – DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you are able to donate, please visit my fundraising site (definitely NOT a scam).

Thanks for reading.



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