Reading about parents divorcing in a school book

My daughter came home last night with a new reading book from school, “I’ve gone up another level Mummy” she proudly announced. “Oh well done, let’s have a look at what the new books look like”. I took an instant dislike to the title ‘Separate Ways’ – it was about divorce and my daughter had chosen this book…..uh-oh.

There are a number of friends in her class who are unfortunately getting divorced at the moment and she is intrigued as to what happens. I was 7 when my parents divorcd and I didn’t know anyone else who was going through the same experience, which made it even harder. When my daughter recounts what her friends have been syaing to her about their experiences it breaks my heart as it brings back the pianful memories of what I felt.

I would be interested to know the statistics on how many divorced couples came from broken homes themselves. You would think that their experiences would prevent them from making the same mistake themselves. But often this is far from the case. Princess Diana made a conscious effort in her marriage, but when you are with a serial philanderer it takes a very very strong person (0r an extremely submissive one) to turn a blind eye.

Everyone has their own reasons for divorce and some are more justified than others. When children are involved, however, I feel every effort should be made to protect the marriage. Divorce should only happen once all avenue is completely exhausted. However, in some instances it just cant be rescued.

There is no happy ending in a book about divorce, there wasnt in my daughter’s book. But it concluded with an understanding, that things were going to change. But, it was going to be alright because the children would continue to see Mum and Dad.

Tomorrow I will blog on my daughter’s bloody awful behaviour, which has turned a 6 year old into a 16 year old and our attempts to try and claim our good daughter back again – will welcome tips!

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you are able to support the charity please visit my fundraising page.

Thanks for reading.


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