I wish I was a hypnotist

Work would be so much easier. In fact life would be easier. In fact the world would be a better place (providing the power of hypnotism was placed in the right hands). I am not alone in the amount of effort and energy I spend treading carefully around people’s egos, whims and ways just to make things happen. I do not like putting anything in the too difficult tray just because someone higher up the hierarchy than me is being awkward.

When I secured the grant to enhance the facilities at my daughter’s pre-school I attempted to win the hearts and minds of parish council fogies. Not an easy task. I thought by voluteering to help with their causes too I might encourage a mutual back scratching agreement. No, I just ended up with more work, more grief and just as many walls put up when I requested some help. So I just did what I wanted anyway and faced the music afterwards. The pre-school got their improved garden and indoor storage, the children got more equipment thus improving a local community service. I pissed off several local parish councillors over a certain age but I don’t give a fuck. Not all parish councils are a nuisance, but a lot are. Mainly because they do not represent the community at large, just a minority (mainly ageing middle-class and grumpy).

So, at work I have to tread a bit more carefully because I dont want to lose my job. However if I think something is right, or there is an injustice being committed, I just cant let it go. But, I have to bite my tongue and bide my time in order to preserve egos and dance to their tune until I get somewhere near what I think needs to happen. This feels even more difficult when your a girl talking with a load of guys. But of course I wont let that be an excuse. I cant help feeling though that when placed in this situation, I feel like I have suddenly sprouted pigtails and a school uniform  and I am asking my dad if i can stay out late.

So at times like this I fantasise about hypnotism. One look from me and all the’ no’ men suddenly become yes men and nodding dogs. If I had this power life would be so easy and the list of what i would achieve would be endless. Im pretty sure I would be responsible with this power, well …I might use it at home on hubby occasionally…..

I hope you are doing well convincing other people of the merits of taking you up on your suggestion, whatever that may be. If you are struggling think of these 2 things:

There are no limitations except those we create ourselves

Seek forgiveness not permission

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If I could hypnotise you via the internet to donate £1 to the cause I would ask you to donate to my fundraising page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading

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