Saying no to Santa

My husband and I made a pact last night (while we re-introduced ourselves, as we had not seen eachother hardly at all last week- hence my lack of a blog post yesterday – another £1 in the pot). We were discussing christmas off the back of news that the average family spends £1000 at Xmas – that’s ridiculous. Who exactly are the average family? – Let’s leave that for another blog.

Anyway, we are attempting to convince the in-laws to only buy presents for the children this year, and from now on. We are in our thirties, way past wishing for my little pony and action man, sony walkmans, the latest trainers etc etc. If we need something, we don’t wait til Chritsmas we just get it. We also have plenty of knockers (knickers I just liked the typo), boxers, socks, perfumes, etc etc and don’t need more stuff to clutter up the house. We are not being bah humbug, we just think Christmas is more about children and that, as parents, we get more pleasure from watching our children enjoy the festive season than we do unwrapping our own gifts. Its part of the bonus of being parents.

My mum and stepdad have completely embraced this concept and have done so for the past two years. My Dad and stepmum end up buying something because “we just saw it and thought of you both”. My in-laws are just too generous for their own good and even when we refuse point blankly to give them any ideas for gifts, they still end up buying us things. So, this year we are going to say that if they really want to buy us something then we would prefer a charity gift (mosquito nets for a family in Africa to prevent disease – that kind of gift). Then we don’t feel so guilty about having a low budget to buy them gifts and they at least have the itch scratched in giving us something that actually benefits people who really need the help. To put in American terms, its win win.

The only slight snagging point is that my sister in law doesn’t have children, so we will of course buy something for her and her husband. The other sister has oodles of money and is very picky so thank god she has children now so they will be slightly easy to buy for!!

For the first time this year we are also spending Christmas on holiday. Unfortunately not the Seychelles….budget couldn’t quite stretch… we are staying in a cottage in Snowdonia. My daughter is excited but very concerned that Santa is notified of the temporary change of address. I am really hoping that the letter to Santa contains gifts that are on the smaller side (have explained to daughter that it is harder to lug big items around in Snowdonia because of the mountainous terrain). It is one of those risky holidays -it will either be a complete disaster or a roaring success.If its the latter, we will bugger off every year!

When we return it will be during that awful limbo period betwixt xmas and new year, yet I am hoping for us it will be enjoyable because we will be busy catching up with family. Sproglets will get the chance to open a few more pressies rather than the obscene pile that normally awaits them on christmas day. We just want to say Santa, we’ve had our time and it was good (apart from the odd year when dad was really drunk – again save for that for another blog post!) – but nowz the time for kiddywinks and grown-up pressies need to stop.

So if anyone is scratching their heads as to how to come up with £1000 for christmas, maybe give a kids only christmas a whirl (assuming you wont be buying kiddywinnks £5000 rocking horses and electric cars).

Anyway, why I am I talking about christmas – its not even halloween! The bloody shops with their in- your- face- advent- calendars- and-selection-boxes-as-soon-as-you-set-foot inside, might have something to do with it!

Thanks – blogging every day for Unicef – if you can spare a £1 visit my fundraising page.

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