My husband picks up the phone to CID – what happened next?

He calls me and says, “guess what”, oh not that game again. When my other half first started his sentences with this excitement inducing question I quickly learned that the news wasn’t going to be all that exciting (I just won that tractor seat on eBay etc etc). However, today for the first time in God knows how many years I dared to let excitement build in my tummy. Its a shitty wet day, I’ve just driven 15 miles to a toddler group that was cancelled but not publicly announced (but it was on Facebook –  apparently if you don’t have a facebook profile, like me, then you are not important) so my baby son is in the back of the car wondering why the hell he has spent 30 minutes watching rain lash at the windows only to return home again. My husband says “guess what” and think to myself – “its got to be better than this”.

Which it was. First,…” CID called”. My first response is “shit what have I left behind now?”. A few years back while doing the insane London commute I left my wallet with everything in it on the train. As luck would have it I had been sitting next to a detective who managed to locate my address despite the only evidence of my whereabouts being a very out of date driving licence that not only had the wrong address but the wrong surname too (I couldn’t be arsed with the paperwork after I got married). So he calls up from the Met CID and tells me he has my wallet.

But no I still have my wallet so then I suggest “Did they recover one of your chainsaws?”. My husband is a tree surgeon which means he is a prime target for gypsy scumbags and I do not have enough fingers and hands to count how many times he has been broken into – both at his yard base and while out and about. I don’t read the Daily Mail but I feel I am justified in being derogatory towards “them”.

If they all looked like Brad Pitt it would make them a little less intolerable.

“Close” he says. So it was a time when the gypsys took something from us without paying but when was that (there really have been that many incidents – regardless of security measures we put in place). Anyway it turns out to be a horse trailer we owned 6 years ago. It has been recovered by CID when someone part exchanged ours in for a new one at a dealer. I have no idea what kind of state its in and we have no use for it now BUT it feels so good to have something returned to you, particularly after all this time. They traced it back to us because (thankfully) I registered it as stolen on the manufacturer’s database which has a log of all the serial numbers. I then forgot about it thinking it was now in Ireland carting some poor dobbin around. But no its only 12 miles away!

So if you have something stolen do whatever you can to make sure that you can be traced if, by some miracle, it surfaces a few years later.

We are now going to sell it (once we have cleaned it up as it must be in a sorry state) before the little fuckers nick it again!

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