No Golden balls – why is this country so crap at football?

So Korea has beaten Great Britain at football in the Olympics. I don’t quite understand Olympic football. I thought it was meant to be amateur but with Ryan Giggs on the pitch and Stuart Pearce on the sidelines you would think we could have pulled a good score off. But no, once again we hope for much more than we can achieve. I personally don’t enjoy watching football except when it is performed by teams like Real Madrid who pass the ball with such finesse that it looks more like a performance than a match. Our footballers are paid so much yet give so little on the pitch – it is pants.

Thank God then that we happen to be good at other sports that don’t get anywhere near as much television coverage in-between Olympiads, yet us Brits clearly know how to play the game and play it well. Athletics, shooting, sailing, cycling, swimming, Judo to name but a few – but all considered minority sports in the eyes of mainstream television channel producers. There are some sports that don’t receive the Beebs attention despite success. Take dressage – Team GB have NEVER won an Olympic medal in dressage and it looks like the team are on course for a Gold medal before the final event of the series. Was this fact reported in the Beeb’s highlights of the day? a big fat NO – I hope Clare Balding had something to say about that. It is just not good enough. Hopefully they will get the gold and finally get the attention they deserve.

Let’ s hope that these sports that are thriving in Britain thanks to amazing athletes get the attention they deserve long after the Olympics are over in the form of better TV coverage. So can we please have more athletics, cycling, swimming, equestrianism and less of football played very badly – maybe the sudden drop in TV coverage is the kick up the arse that our complacent and over-paid footballers need.

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