Will a 3 year old enjoy Olympic beach volleyball? Toffs and common-sense or lack of it

A friend of mine is a nanny for wealthy families – the kind that live their lives according to a checklist….

Country house – check
labrador – check
4 x 4 car – check
aga – check
more than one child – check
nanny to look after children when realise harder to look after than labrador – check
nanny to also walk labrador as well as children because that is also too difficult – check

sad isn’t it? One such family has decided to take their 3 year old to watch the beach volleyball and leave their 2 year old with my friend. My friend is fully expecting a call with a demand to collect the child from the volleyball once mother realises that beach volleyball can only entertain a 3 year old for 5 mins max. This mother never says please or thank you just makes demands. Similar to English families in the Victorian times who used hired help for everything, which is also true of many white South African families today.

Below: The made in Chelsea lot – take-away their inherited wealth and they would be in the queue for JSA rather than a top London club. This lot just can’t think for themselves like most British ‘old money’

Another one of her families is classed as ‘old money’. People that have been brought up in an environment where everything is done for  them and this lifestyle  has existed since great great great great great etc etc grandfather first made his money from slaves in the sugar plantations. The result is that the descendants in 2012 do not have an ounce of common sense between them. This particular mother and father cannot work out parenting at all despite the fact that their child is one of the easiest children to look after that my friend has ever encountered in her 20 years of being a nanny. Since a baby the child has had little or no stimulation at home. Therefore, although bright, he has emotionally and socially developed at a very slow rate compared to other children his age. If this family weren’t living off inheritance they would be on benefits and social services would be helping them with parenting. This is one case that proves money does not buy a good childhood and wealth does not equal success when it comes to parenting – which in my view is failure.

Anyway I will let you know how the beach volley ball went down with the kid tomorrow…

BTW – am sooo pleased that GBR got eventing silver – shame about Mary King and Tina Cook missing out on individual medals. Thought it was quite harsh of Princess Anne not to clap when Zara finished her first round on 8 faults…

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Thanks for reading.

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