What did I say about Twitter?

News that Tom Daley, our British diving hopeful, received sick taunts on Twitter after missing out on the medals is further proof that Twitter is pointless tittle tattle. It gives a public forum to idiots.

I love the Olympics and I love eventing and I am sooo excited that Team GBR are in a medal position prior to the final phase of the showjumping – great stuff. BBC coverage was a bit patchy though. Just when things were starting to hot up in Greenwich park with Team GBR versus the world BBC decide to switch to Chinese gymnastics. So switched back to beeb 1 only to find the exact same thing – why show Chinese gymnastics on both channels simultaneously?? The cross country course looked very challenging both to ride and film particularly beacuse of the low-hanging trees everywhere with soome riders literally having to duck under branches. They could have done a quick tidy up before hand – they arfe meant to jump not duck… the beeb cameraman seemed to find it challenging too as they hunted for a horse while zooming up on the leaves of a London Plane tree.

So desperate was I to catch equestrianism on mainstream TV (minority sports that don’t fall in the football/ cricket/ rugby category are rare on freeview) that I carried my baby (complete with his high chair) into the front room so as not to miss a second. Also deprived my daughter of her daily dose of CBBC for the pleasure of watching top level eventing – didn’t feel guilty at all…..

Questions that randomly popped into my head today were:

1) What made a person cross a Rottweiler with a Staffie and then sell the resulting puppy to a guy who is a snadwich short of a picnic and has an aversion to leads?

2) Why is it that no matter how little you eat and how much you try to exercise, the female butt still continues to jiggle and sag??

A short one tonight but hopefully sweet – if you like please give £1 or $1 to Unicef – the whole reason why I am blogging daily. Sorry to be a party pooper but just think what  the £30 million spent on the opening ceremony would have done if used instead to help  children struggling in the refugee camps of Africa. Did David B ask David C that? I don’t think so..



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