Facebook and Twitter is a pile of poo

Just watching Becky Adlington winning a  bronze medal and surprised to see BBC commentators talking about Becky’s fellow athletes congratulating her on Twitter. Becky herself tweeted this morning how nervous she was. How do they get time to even get on the computer let alone tweet?

I’ve got images of them typing as they complete a length of the pool in training – don’t be such a dinosaur Tom – they tweet on their phone these days….. anyway it got me to thinking how people express nerves and anxiety. I think I would bottle up and stay the hell away from twitter.

I can’t stand Facebook and Twitter and not because I am anti-social because I like blogging but only because I am doing it for a cause – otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

Actually I HATE Facebook. Its a pile of crap. Lets be honest most people don’t know their 250 ‘friends’ or whatever obscene number they clock up to very well. These friends are typically brief encounters in a bar rather than deep and meaningful friendships. Its all a bit ‘look at me and my wonderful friends, family, car, dog, fish, pussy’ or whatever. Their pages resemble a cheesy unedited Hello article not real life.

Most of us are nosey to varying degrees and FB really scratches that itch to passively delve into people’s lives without the bother of having to visit them, phone them or even interact with them at all for months on end. The pages themselves aren’t a true reflection of a person’s life – more like an advert that the ASA would criticise if they analysed it for inaccuracy. In short, Peacocks suit FB – all show no go.

I think the people who aren’t on FB are probably far more interesting individuals – before you ask I have discontinued my FB page because it irritated the hell out of me.

Actually an honest FB page would be far more entertaining – pictures of families arguing, unflattering portraits etc etc.

FB marketing has gone mad. Has anyone checked out the FB page for pasta sauce? What is the point? Marketing departments seem to think they have to have an FB page regardless of what objective it would achieve. I used to be one of those people.

There is no point to FB and I hope that one by one an anti-FB revolution will start as people turn their backs on the online portal for people peacocks…….oh, and the guy who set it up is a total twat.


Enjoyed reading this post ..Cool – if you can please donate £1 or $1 to Unicef.



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