Where’s the cheesy grin Queenie?

First of all my apologies… Have only just started and have already let one day drop – pound in the pot to Unicef from me. I was up way past midnight watching the Olympic opening ceremony and in hindsight should have been typing this post as I was watching but I didn’t want to miss a second of it – not even to glance at the computer screen – it was bloody brilliant. I was sceptical as to what it would be like – images of that nincampoop Boris muttering down a microphone and waving a flag rather dodgily but Danny Boyle did us proud.

I do think that Queenie could have tried harder to smile – it almost looked as if she had just had a domestic with Prince Phil and was in a sulk – she didn’t even attempt to turn the corners of her mouth upwards let alone switch on the cheesy grin – I don’t think we get our value for money as taxpayers with that performance. however I was very impresses that she jumped out of the helicopter with Daniel Craig. maybe if she really had done it the thrill she would have done even more than smile – maybe even a whoop!

In a while I will update this with a real blooper during the BBC coverage last night – did anyone spot some interesting subtitles during commentary of the women’s rowing??

9.12 pm – yes as I was saying in the commentary of the woman’s rowing I had subtitles on because my hearing isn’t all that great when I found myself reading ‘the girls were really going for that sex offender’ !! Um… did you mean silver medal maybe? I hope so. Anyway it gave us hard of hearing and deaf people a chuckle….or the wrong end of the stick…


Like this post? That’s great this is a fundraising blog so if you are able to donate a ¬£1 or $1 to Unicef that would be fab.

Thanks for reading.


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